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Women's Changing Robes & Ponchos

Passenger's women's changing robes and ponchos are designed for your outdoor adventures. They keep you warm and dry, whether you're surfing in the morning or relaxing by the campfire at night. We care about the environment, so our robes and ponchos are made from responsibly sourced and recycled materials. They're also lightweight and easy to carry, making them perfect for any outdoor activity.

Introducing Your Adventure-Ready Companion

Creating epic memories, like those wonderful beach days and campfire gatherings with friends, is what we love. Our robes and ponchos are designed to keep you cosy and awaken your inner explorer. They're lightweight, easy to carry, and made from eco-friendly materials.

Style with Purpose: Passenger's Commitment

Passenger is all about clothing that's good for the planet. We make stylish and comfy clothes while being eco-friendly, using responsible materials and methods. It's a mix of looking good and doing good for the Earth.


Q: What are your robes and ponchos made of?
A: We craft our products with care, primarily using responsibly sourced materials like recycled polyester. Our women’s changing robes are exclusively made from this REPREVE fabric, which repurposes single-use plastic bottles. This approach minimises our environmental footprint while ensuring the comfort and durability of our products.

Q: Can your ponchos keep me warm in cold weather?
A: Our ponchos will provide warmth after a swim or while you're unwinding by the campfire, even as the temperature cools down. They’re the perfect companion for all your adventures.

Q: How does the sizing work for your robes and ponchos?
A: We have sizes from XS to XL to fit everyone. Just take a look at our size guide to make sure you get the perfect robe or poncho for your adventure. The fit is generally oversized as the robes are designed for getting changed in.

Q: Are your robes and ponchos travel-friendly?
A: Our robes and ponchos are lightweight, portable, and ideal for travel. They ensure you're ready for wherever your adventures lead you.