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Men's Neckwear & Snoods

Passenger's men’s scarves and neckwear give you extra warmth when you’re out roaming in colder temps.They are made with care for the environment and can be a versatile part of your outdoor gear.

Designed for Warmth in the Winter

Explore Passenger's selection of men's neckwear, designed to keep you exploring in the coldest conditions. A morning on the slopes or an afternoon spent hiking snowy trails, these snoods and neckwear will keep the cold out and keep you roaming for longer. 

Our Commitment

At Passenger, we care about nature and want to protect it. That's why we make outdoor clothing for men and women that's good for the environment. Our goal is to give people stylish and comfy clothes for their outdoor adventures while doing good for the planet.


Q: What materials are used in Passenger's men's scarves and neckwear collection?

A: Our men's scarves and neckwear, including snoods, are crafted from a mix of responsibly sourced materials like recycled polyester. Some styles are made with industry-leading Polartec fleece for additional warmth and breathability.

Q: Do you offer different sizes in your men's snoods and neckwear items?

A: Our snoods and neckwear are typically designed to fit most wearers comfortably. They often come in one-size-fits-all options and with adjustable draw cords.

Q: Are Passenger’s men’s scarves and snoods easy to clean and maintain?

A: Yes, we provide care instructions for each product. Most of our scarves and snoods can be easily cleaned by following our recommended guidelines to ensure they maintain their quality.