Unplug To Recharge

Unplug To Recharge

It feels a little eerie right now, for some of us the comforts of our day to day have been unwoven a little. It’s in times like these the pursuit of Escapism in all its forms feels more relevant than ever. It’s an ethos that has been at the heart of the Passenger story since the beginning. But where can we find Escapism in days like these, and why does it matter?

As the Passenger team works from the places we call home, we found ourselves revisiting the foundations of our brand, the core principles. Time and time again our thoughts and conversations move to Escapism and how it can help us all through.

Nurturing house plants
Daily Yoga practice on the balcony
Working from home during sunrise

For us, Escapism is a connection with the natural rhythms of life, to embrace our passions, creativity and the great outdoors.

These pursuits take some of us all over the world, but it’s about much more than the miles we might cover. Moments of Escapism can be found in the simplest things at any time, any place.

It can mean many different things to many different people. Getting lost in words, music, creativity, craft, film, photo or anything that takes us to places beyond the everyday is time well spent. Escapism for our minds.

Family time at home
Preparing food together as a family
Escapism through music practice

In days like these, staying connected with each other and giving time and space to wellness and the moments that bring us meaning has added importance.

Escapism isn’t to hide from reality or try to block out responsibilities, but rather to embrace the ebb and flow of this journey we’re on. It’s a tool for growth and exploration, taking some time to slow things down and disconnect to reconnect.

Escapism through nurturing for plants.

As we dive into our crafts, creativity and simple downtime we become lost in the moment but are never more at home. In the kaleidoscope and noise of everyday routine there is a clarity waiting for us in these pursuits.

Kicking back with your favourite sounds.
Taking a moment to get lost in stories of adventure.
Finding that space to draw, paint and be creative.

For many, there’s a pace to everyday modern life that can leave little space. We find ourselves in a cycle of distraction which saps our time and energy. Some call this state ‘always on’ and it’s no secret that it leaves us unbalanced, out of touch.

Escapism is a welcome tonic for those of us who have felt this way. It rebalances our connection to each other and our surroundings, bringing with it perspective and good times.

We’re all adjusting to new normals right now, but there’s an opportunity to make lasting positive changes here too. In the coming week and months of downtime seek Escapism close to home and unplug to recharge.

Eating well with mindful cooking
Creating music in home studios
Finding time to care for the garden.
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