Foggy coastal landscape with two people running

Trees, Trails & Tortillas: Deep In The PNW ’24

"As I have gotten older I appreciate more and more the serenity of the trails. Also, the dirt feels way better on the knees than concrete does."

Postcards from the Pacific Northwest. Skippin’ rocks and fallen trees, with green pushing for primary colour status. Following PNW trails with a little two-step, a loose route and steady rhythm drummed up by local speedsters, Geneva Mayall and David Matoba.

An epic backyard of tangled paths and open coast, with the team led by longtime Passenger shutterbug, Boone Rodriguez. Themes include (but are not limited to) - trees, tattoos, ferns, waterfalls, coffee, shorts, side packs, wraps, and ponytails. 

Two people running through the woods
Geared up amongst the pines
A close-up of ferns
Green pushing for primary colour status
Muddied legs in running shoes
Battle scars from a day's hard grind
A woman running through the woods

The backdrop has that classic Oregon-style colour pallet. What do you think gives the PNW such an iconic visual identity?

Geneva: Whenever I think of the PNW I think of the trees. We have so many special old-growth forests in our area which, whenever I'm in a zone, I feel incredibly privileged to be amongst beings that have been around for so long! The color pallet of this collection fit pretty well specifically with the Oregon coastal vibes, slightly botanical, the Pacific blue and the pops of green, you nailed it!

David: I think the combination of grandiose scenery with a contrast of vibrant color palates and heavy neutral earth tones set the PNW in a class of its own. It's a beautiful mix of power and tranquillity.

Coastal landscape with two runners in the distance
Follow the leader
A man cupping his hands under a waterfall.
A freshen-up on the wild side
A man washing his face under a waterfall

How were you drawn into trail running? Was it a natural progression from the road, or just a new way to explore the wilderness on two feet?

Geneva: Trail running for me is the best way to connect to the land and tune into my body. There’s no better feeling than the freedom of being able to explore new places with just your two feet and some trail snacks! To me, trail running is all about playfulness. "How fast can I run up these switchbacks? How big of a leap will it take to jump across this creek? How cold will this water be when I splash it on my face?" Trail running is the most authentic way to get in touch with my curiosity as an adult.

David: I have run my whole life. I have always used running to explore and experience my surroundings and while I was younger I enjoyed the stimulation of city running, as I have gotten older I appreciate more and more the serenity of the trails. Also, the dirt feels way better on the knees than concrete does.

Close-up of ferns
Seaweed camo lookin' good in the woods
A woman running on a woodland trail
A woman smiling in a trucker cap
Good energy and smiles all round
Two people running up hill in the woods
Fillin' up and chasing the trails
Filling up a bottle under a waterfall

Do you prefer sticking to a pre-planned running route or just getting lost amongst the landscape?

Geneva: I’m all for getting lost! That’s when you can come across the coolest spots like hidden waterfalls, fun river crossings, and unplanned views. 

David: I always start out with a goal and route in mind, but always leave an option of a detour or addition to a route in case the legs are feeling extra good that day.

Two people running across the sand
A big ol' landscape to get lost in
Two people jumping over a stream
Two people running along a huge beach
Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhythm!

Boone has such a natural ability to capture authenticity and playfulness in his photography. How was it on the day? Did it feel like a proper road trip and run session?

Geneva: Oh definitely! I always have a great time shooting with Boone. A big topic of the day was MUSHROOMS. The whole crew is pretty into foraging and we were in a good spot to look for mushrooms. We found some turkey tails and some other fun fungi! That’s what I appreciate about this kind of photoshoot, when there's no big rush, no serious call time, everyone is just enjoying being outside and we take a couple of photos here and there.

David: Boone is the best. Period. One of his best traits as both a photographer and a producer is to provide us with a space to explore and enjoy at our own pace. There are no real directives just guidance, and I think that's what leads to such candid content. It really was us just enjoying a day running and exploring on the Oregon coast.

Foraging for mushrooms
Foraging for funghi
Two people exploring a tree trunk
Getting up close and personal with the local shrubbery
Two people exploring a tree trunk

The food looked pretty epic. Can you take us through the menu?

Geneva: OMG, the breakfast taco is a staple on my camping trips so I was very excited. It was simple with eggs, cheese, and soy chorizo. The piece-de-resistance was this super good hot sauce that Boone had that I guess is locally made in my hometown! Also, Boone brought out this cheese that I think might have changed my life. It was some sort of mushroom brie and we ate the entire package in one sitting ha!

David: I can't take credit for the cooking, but some fresh chorizo, egg, avocado, and cheese quesadillas sure started things off right for a day of trail running.

Two people cooking a camp breakfast
Good grub to start the day
Adding hot sauce to breakfast wraps
Eating breakfast outside the RV
Boone's hot sauce going down a treat

Any Passenger gear that really stood out on the day? If you were to pick one for your daily escapes, which would it be?

Geneva: I really loved how gender-neutral some of the stuff was. It feels like we are moving past the era of women's outdoor gear being super fitted and pink. I enjoyed the looser boxy fit of the shirts and I loved the bike-style shorts on our big trail run, they didn't ride up and the pattern was super cute! They also weren't part of the shoot but Boone and Paula had these sherpa-lined changing robes that I think I could just live in my entire life, they were perfect for the transitions on our slightly rainy morning.

David: I thought that the running shorts were really well made. They were the perfect length and very comfortable. The tech hoodie was also the perfect weight for mornings on the coast. Also, Boone had a couple of changing robes that were incredible to use between runs.

A woman walking away from camera exploring the cliffs
Slowing the pace to finish things off
Two people stood atop a cliff
A couple of cool runners and a big rock
A large rock jutting out from the ocean

Deep In The PNW ‘24

Location: Oregon Coast, USA
Photography: Boone Rodriguez
Producer: Paula Pokusa 
Cast: Geneva Mayall & David Matoba

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