The Northern Lights about a mountain ridge

The Escape Vol. 39

The sun has built up a little confidence of late, poking its face out from behind the clouds and teasing a season full to the brim with off-grid adventure. The Escape Vol. 39 is a fully thawed-out mix of stories to inspire, get hyped about, and share amongst friends… Let’s listen in.

1. A Visit To Four Acre Farm

Being the busiest time of year for the green-thumbed, a few of us lent a helping hand to friends at Four Acre Farm. Prepping, propagating, and planting - quite the wholesome Wednesday afternoon.

2. Basecamp & Beyond: Karolina Pakenait

Two people smiling at together in the woods
Photo by  @s_b_originals

Meet good friend and constant inspiration Karolina Pakenaite, a deafblind adventure seeker with quite a story to tell. We first clocked Karolina in one of our Sherpa Fleeces at Everest Base Camp back in 2023. That journey and the steps to get there gave her time to think. To tilt her head back and ask the question: “What if?”.

3. On Tour With Kendal Mountain Events

A crowded theatre watching adventure films
All eyes on the big screen | Theatre Royal Winchester

Team Passenger partnered with Kendal Mountain Tour 2024, following strings and pins across the UK map to local stops in Winchester, Southampton, London and beyond. We flocked en masse, catching up with community members and cheering on our man Rich Sutcliffe, as he took to the stage.

4. Campfire Cinnamon Rolls

Breakfast prep by the cabin
A sweet treat by the trail

Breakfast for dinner? Or dessert for breakfast? Who knows, but cinnamon rolls made in a Dutch oven over a campfire do sound like a pretty epic way to start the day.

5. Facepaint & Field Dayz

A woman eating marshmallows on by the stove
Photo by @unearthedcreative_ | A nod to dewy evenings and club ‘barefoot’

Warm beer, bucket hats, and big tunes. Festival season is fast approaching and it looks to be a cracker… If you’re not all for heavy crowds and tent cities, our friends at Quirky Campers have put together a list of small-time festivals playing to a slower tempo. 

6. Aurora Borealis

The Northern  Lights
Photo by @chunger_shoots | Mother Earth putting on a show

We stood with jaws on the floor, eyes fixed on the night sky as it put on a stunning light display for all to see. Wow. Just wow. 

Walden | 170 Years Since Original Release

A man dozes on a grassy river bank
Photo by @hippiesnap | Taking inspiration from the classics

A true originator in simple living and escape, Henry David Thoreau wrote the book (quite literally) on self-reliance in nature. Walden provides a fantastical blueprint for escaping the humdrum, with pages of quotable lines and inspired anecdotes. It’s a classic. 

Deep Vibrations: Windows Down, Volume Up

A cool breeze and amber warmth for the ears, slow cruisin’ backroads with the sun setting in the rearview.

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