#MadeToRoam Community

#MadeToRoam Community

April 2019

We appreciate you taking us along for the ride, every month we reflect on your travels, adventures and escapes in our #madetoroam community reflection.

Hearing stories of escapism and adventure from our community gets us buzzing, so stay on the road less travelled and keep on sharing.

If you’d like your snap to be featured in our next reflection, drop us a tag @passengerclothing and use the hashtag #madetoroam.

“weekend adventures spent exploring are a complete contrast to my Monday-Friday responsibilities. For me, escapism brings balance to my life and enriches my soul. Finding new realities and losing myself in them for a while...” ~ Kate

“It’s important for me to embrace my own creative space; whether it be out in the wild exploring the coast for good surf, or inside with music, coffee and a notebook” ~ Tom

“..for me, it's endlessly pursuing my sense of wonder. Whether it’s trying climbing for the first time, hitting the waves in a kayak during golden hour to watch the sun set or exploring the forest with a camera in hand...” ~ Lottie

“The difference between loneliness and solitude is finding comfort in one‘s own company. I am torn between staying put and always being on the move but moments with myself remind me why I could never stop roaming :)” ~ Liz

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