Meet Our Suppliers

We seek makers who share our values and stand for quality products that leave the smallest footprint possible.

As part of our commitment to a fair, responsible and transparent supply chain, we’ve made it a priority to map our suppliers and share those steps in the journey with you.

Hallotex S.L.

We’ve partnered with Hallotex to push the boundaries of our cotton products. Based in Morocco, they are a progessive, vertical factory which means we can manufacture our recycled fabrics in the same place they are made into products. A focus on innovation, responsibility and reducing waste has made for a strong and lasting relationship over the years.

Produces:  T-Shirts Hoodies Sweatshirts

Goldfinder Manufacturing Co. Ltd

Goldfinder has a highly skilled team that specialises in the use of newer technical fabrics like durable recycled polyesters. They are a premium manufacturer that never compromises on quality. We’ve partnered with Goldfinder for 8 years.

Produces:  Outerwear Jackets Fleece

FT Vilarihno

Vilarihno are one of the oldest textiles companies in Portugal, founded in 1932. They produce exceptional quality woven fabrics. A quality over quantity mindset has enabled us to continuously improve the feel and finish of our woven shirts and tops.

Produces:  Wovens Shirts & Tops

Aqualimax Manufacturing Ltd

Aquailamax are a smaller factory focusing on craftsmanship and detail. The team has been producing our travel accessories since day 1, working with us to test and implement recycled materials and responsible waterproofing processes.

Produces:  Travel Accessories Bags

Fresh (Royal India Clothing Co. Ltd)

Fresh shares a similar ethos to ourselves, they focus on responsible sourcing and sustainable production practices. We have worked with this manufacturer since 2017.

Produces:  Woven Tops Shirts

Top Flight Apparel Co. Ltd

The headwear specialists, Top Flight have worked with us since 2017 to replace standard cotton and virgin polyesters with recycled, organic cotton and recycled polyester.

Produces:  Headwear Caps


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