Essential Knitwear For The Seasons Ahead

Essential Knitwear For The Seasons Ahead

We take knitwear seriously here at Passenger.

There’s very little we love more than to throw on a knitted jumper and head out in search of new escapes. The comforting essentials that make it into every pack, on every adventure.

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The best knits find us at the right moment. They stay with us for countless winters, cold summer nights, crisp autumn afternoons. We lovingly hang them to dry. Patch them if they need it. Secretly embrace the smell of adventure, woodsmoke, and pine that they carry. They become less a piece of apparel, and more a crucial staple of our travel essentials.

A dependable, trustworthy source of comfort, warmth and styling. In a complicated world, they offer a simple bit of solace, and remind us of what really matters when the going gets cold.

Knit Focus | women's Knit Focus | women's

Warm. Essential. Timeless. Always there. Winter’s prelude is over. The season’s chill has descended. Embrace it, feel it, live it. Just make sure the right knit is with you.

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