Brewed On Purpose

Brewed On Purpose

Some things were meant to be. When we first heard about a brewery using beer to provide clean water for those who need it, we knew we’d get along. Brewgooder are disrupting the status quo, crafting tasty beer brewed with heart and purpose that empowers the lives of others.

We’re stronger together and by collaborating with like-minded folk we can do good things and make a difference. Every 330ml can plants a tree and provides 33 liters of clean water. What’s more, Brewgooder craft the tastiest beers out there, winner.

Introducing the Passenger x Brewgooder IPA; A beer that gives back, a beer on our wavelength, a beer for people like us.

Passenger x Brewgooder IPA

Image of the Passenger IPA. One can equals on tree planted and 33x litres of clean drinking water
Someone washes their hands from a clean water tap
A worker plants new trees along a plot of land to reintroduce forest coverings
A group of friends stroll along a beach in the Pacific North West enjoying a passenger IPA

Limited Batch

“We're all about celebrating brands that are doing positive things within their industry. We've admired Passenger from afar as a brand that has consistently worn its planet purpose on its sleeve, quite literally, via their sustainable sourcing of garments and ongoing commitment when it comes to tree planting, which made a collaboration feel like a really natural fit.

Looking to the future, with any luck the line will continue to blur between responsible beer and supposedly non responsible beer. As more traditional companies adopt progressive practices and care for an additional 'bottom line' that relates to people and planet orientated objectives.

We're never going to be the biggest beer brand in the world but if we can at least influence or inspire a few other companies, beer or otherwise, to consider a more purpose orientated approach then that's a job well done.”

~Alan Mahon, Brewgooder Founder

quote from Alan Mahon: It feels like we've all got a new-found appreciation for community spirit and a movement toward kindness to one another which is long overdue.
A refreshing Passenger IPA being cracked open
SOmeone walks along a quite beach enjoying a Passenger IPA
A woman sits on a rock enjoying a Passenger IPA
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