The Nomadic Blanket

The Nomadic Blanket

A Blanket Made To Roam

Camp trips, outdoor livin’, campfire hangouts, vanlife escapes, road trip vibes, backyard cookouts, beach chillin’, sofa lounging, lazy day layers, cabin kickbacks, morning brews, good views, cosy tents, collecting wood, wild cooking, shade of the trees, warm knees, hammock naps and all the moments that matter.

Get cosy wherever you find yourself.

A group of friends looking out to sea wrapped in a nomadic blanket.
A nomadic blanket laid out inside a tent
A man sits in a camper wrapped in a nomadic blanket

A Responsible Blanket

Crafted from REPREVE®, a responsible outdoor fabric that has been honed over many years and many adventures. Waste plastics are recycled into a fibre which is wicking, water repellant and packs a top warmth-to-weight ratio.

Durable, stain resistant and machine washable, our Nomadic blankets are still the low footprint go-to for escapism of all kinds.

plastic bottles ready to be recycled in to the nomadic blanket
a woman stands on a beach in the PNW wrapped in a nomadic blanket
a man carries a packed away nomadic blanket

More Than Just a Blanket

• Single Sleeping Bag - Fold in half and use the poppers to make a snug sherpa-lined sleeping bag.
• Easy Clean - Stain-resistant, easy to wipe down and machine washable.
• Hands-Free Cape - Wrap around and snap together for a hand-free, warming cape.
• Handy Pillow - Fold down to create a comfy pillow on the go.
• Double Sleeping Bag - Connect two or more blankets together to make the ultimate sherpa-lined double sleeping bag.

An infographic shows the size and key points listed above for the nomadic blanket.
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