Our Sustainability Journey

Reducing our impact as a company and as individuals is embroidered into the story of Passenger since the beginning. It's a topic that drives the decisions we make on a daily basis, it always has. We’re not there yet, the road is long on this journey and we’re embracing every opportunity to make a difference, big and small.


It has been a big year for us. A handful of long term sustainability goals and projects have come to life, now available to our community. 2019 sees PFC free outerwear, a deeper range of organic and repurposed fabrics, plastic-free supply chains and over 30,000 trees planted, to name a few.

You can find more details on our Sustainability Policy, a place for us to share and document our progress and goals.

"As a community, business and individuals we face the road ahead together."


Earth Approved Collection

We live to travel and are most at home amongst the waves & trees. We believe in protecting our playgrounds, the great outdoors. All the products in this collection stand for sustainability. All are crafted with ethics first, offering the lightest footprint.

Plastic Free Journey

All the products featured in this collection have been on a single-use plastic free journey, all the way from the factory to your door. This means that there has been zero single-use plastic packaging used in their manufacture, shipping or storage.

Waves & Trees Collection

Waves & Trees are at the heart of Passenger. These are the places we play, the place we roam and the places that inspire everything we do. This collection showcases products that carry the Waves & Trees emblem. A nod to our tree planting initiatives, adventure and travel with roots.

We’re proud of where we’ve been, what we’ve given back and what we’ve achieved. The Passenger team shares a passion for fostering real change and being on the right side of history.

Follow our journey on @passengerclothing and read our full sustainability policy here.

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