Around The Fire: Teagan Maddux

Around The Fire: Teagan Maddux

"Escapism is something I strive to find in my everyday life. Not in a sense of getting away from things, but in a flow state kind of way."

We caught up with Teagan Maddux, a fun lovin’ overstoker hailing from San Diego who loves to capture sun-blushed moments with her camera…


"Surfing 2ft glassy peelers on a San Diego Summer day, carving through concrete at the local pump track, long road trips with no end destination, gruelling backpacking trips with a gnarly elevation gain, and photographing the ever changing light in stunning locations.

All of these things provide a mental escape and are the avenues in which I find my flow. It’s this sense of adventure and craving of uncomfort that keeps me inspired and in the present moment.


"Finding time to play is SO important! It’s what makes us human. And burnout is definitely a real thing. I try to make it a priority throughout my day to take breaks to read, draw, move, write, or do anything that feels like playing at that moment.

It’s also a plus when you have a group of inspiring friends who prioritise play! Life isn’t supposed to be all serious all the time.


If you ask me this question in a few months the answer will definitely be different... but for now here are my top 3 albums that I always come back to...

- Lungs by Florence + the Machine
- Shoals by Palace
- Anything by Lord Huron
+ my current favorite song is Escargot Blues by Guantanamo Bay Surf Club"

Teagan Maddux Insta: @teagan.maddux
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